Teresa McCallum is a registered nurse who has been working in mental health in Alberta for over thirty years. She focuses on developing therapeutic relationships; creating therapeutic environments; healing through the use of art, group therapy, and family-systems nursing. Teresa has been involved in developing new therapeutic programs in forensic psychiatry, and she believes in a holistic approach that recognizes the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of people. She feels honoured and privileged to have worked with such a resilient group of clients and families over the years.

Teresa is also a visual artist, and she believes that appreciating and creating art are therapeutic activities. Teresa uses her art in her mental health practice, and she has also always explored alternative methods of healing. Teresa is fascinated by resilience, forgiveness, and balance, and while exploring these issues, she discovered her passion for the chakra system.  She has an active chakra healing practice, which includes workshops, individual counselling, and speaking engagements.

Family is very important to Teresa, and she finds balance by spending quality time with her husband, her adult children, and her dog and walking buddy, Luna. Teresa believes that forgiveness, of others and of ourselves, is both an art and a necessary ingredient in finding balance and peace.

Books, Chakra Oracle Cards, Art, and information about workshops, chakra healing, and speaking engagements are available on Teresa’s websites.