Intuition Leads to Finding Balance

January 24, 2018
Finding Balance through Intuition

Following my Intuition lead me to Finding Balance

I was searching for the right coach, mentor, and expert in the Chakra system and I luckily found Candace McKim in a most serendipitous manner. Anyone who wants to develop their intuition, to increase their positive vibration, or wants to connect spiritually to others should check out Candace McKim. Candace is the author of Yogini’s Guide: Intuition is a Choice. She is an experienced yogini who owned a very successful yoga studio in Alberta. She travelled to India to explore her desire to help women find their inspired and strong selves. As well as being an author, a TEDx speaker, and intuitive coach, she runs retreats and workshops and trains chakra therapists. She and her passionate side kick and sister, Vicky, the food goddess, are a team that are spreading positive intuitive teaching throughout western Canada.

There is nothing but positivity, community, support, joy, and connection in the inspired teachings of Candace. Intuitive Tuesdays, Meatless Mondays, yoga retreats, holistic workshops, mentorship programs, A Circle of Women groups: countless ways to hone your intuitive skills.

I was very lucky. I had been looking for a program to increase my knowledge and experience with the chakra system and kind of stumbled across her intensive program while looking on-line. I attended her program in the summer of 2016. I was quite nervous because I didn’t feel I was experienced enough for her program and I had minimal yoga knowledge. My husband actually convinced me to register after watching me obsess about the program for a few weeks.

I experienced one of the most introspective, eye opening, intuitive, and spiritual journeys I have ever embarked on. I met a small group of like-minded women, learned the theory and practical knowledge of chakra assessments and treatment.  And was treated to the gourmet Goddess food prepared by Vicky Gosse, author of the cookbook: The Intuitive Artichoke – A Year of Meatless Mondays. My life changed that August and I was inspired to become a chakra therapist, to finally write my book, and to utilize the fifty paintings I had been inspired to paint when I first started studying the chakra system. I trusted my intuition and chose a new and inspired path.

Intuition is a choice… and it lead me to Finding Balance. Just this past weekend, I lead my first very successful 3-Day Finding Balance Through Chakras and Art Workshop. Thank you, Candace, for igniting my intuition.