Kindred Spirit at Naughty Nelly

February 7, 2018
Naughty Nelly Artisans & Imports

Naughty Nelly Artisans and Imports Has Something for Everyone

A few years ago, I was introduced to Shelley Barnett, the owner of Naughty Nelly’s quirky artisan boutique. My good friend had stumbled across this zany gem in her northwest Cambrian Heights neighbourhood of Calgary. My friend tried to describe the shop and Shelley to me, but I  couldn’t quite picture them. Naughty Nelly’s is a “fun, funky, and fabulous” collection of original art, hand painted glass, custom designed and imported jewelry, and one of a kind scarves, purses, and clothing. Throw in some tarot card, jewelry making, glass painting, and journal writing classes – the cherry on top of this kooky concoction is the exuberant, over the top, kind, and charitable Shelley.
During a simple shopping trip, you will be entertained, humbled  by her generosity, and mesmerized that so many enticing gems can be so artfully assembled in such a tiny spot. Shelley is the real deal… and too often she provides deals to others, at her expense. I’ve popped in various times to purchase a gift or to do some browsing and I always leave amused and feeling like I’ve stepped back in time… and visited an old curiosity shop. Maybe, Naughty Nelly’s reminds me of my grandmother’s parlour, that was full of curios and nick-nacks and where she painted and told fortunes. Maybe, it’s because Shelley resembles a feisty, yet whimsical, character in a children’s movie like Mary Poppins or Bed Nobs and Broomsticks. Or maybe, it’s her “J.E.M.” program, her jewelry exchange makeover program that benefits various local charities.
Regardless, a trip to Naughty Nelly’s is worth it. I walked into her shop, recently, with my brand new book, Finding Balance and Forgiveness through Chakras and Artto enquire about finding sales space in her shop and before I knew it, she had purchased my book, planned a future book signing and card reading event, and chatted about collaborating on my chakra art and wine nights. She was so enthusiastic and gushed about the importance of local businesses supporting each other, as well as the necessity of supporting other women in business. I was brand new at the cold call approach of trying to market my book. She was so warm and enthusiastic and I realized why she was my first stop and attempt… she is a kindred spirit.
We are planning a book signing event at Naughty Nelly in late spring, when my Finding Balance Chakra Oracle Cards will be ready… I’ll post the date once it’s booked. I’m excited to share my books and cards, in this great space and with the support of Shelley.

Naughty Nelly has something for everyone!