Spring is in the Air

April 4, 2018
Spring Imagination

Snow Melting. Blossoms Starting. Spring is in the Air.

The first sprigs of green in a grey, white, and brown landscape. The days are getting longer. There’s moisture in the air. Easter… other spring celebrations. Pastel colours. Light after the cold, dark winter. Hope. The promise of new beginnings. Bunny rabbits. Calves. Birds returning.

We yearn for spring in Calgary
I love Vancouver, but there is not much to differentiate between winter and spring: less cloudy days and more blossoms, maybe. But Vancouver’s mild winters are quite spring-like to me. Yet, although Calgary may still have snowfalls in spring – often huge, heavy dumps of the white stuff – the snow melts quickly and the air is comfortably cool, not winter frigid. And those of us who hunker down in winter come out of hibernation.

I love spring in Calgary
…even if the weather is harsh. The promise of warmth, more sunlight, and colour excites me. I am one of those winter hibernators; spring gets me going. I love heading into the woods and watching the daily changes as spring takes hold. Sometimes, the world is changing and waking up, right in front of you.

Activities resume in spring

Spring art shows are abundant; my favourites are Palette and Calyx. People get back into running, cycling, hiking, and wearing colourful clothes. Dog walkers are more leisurely in spring and stroll, rather than race to “get it over with”. Golf courses open and children return to the playgrounds.

Spring is a bit of a roller coaster ride in Calgary

One day it can be almost summertime warm and without warning the weather can return to cruel winter conditions. However, the onset of spring, after March 20, improves my mindset. I know that winter weather will soon be over and nothing will stop the blossoming, blooming, and greening that inevitably occurs in spring.

Calgarians are funny in spring. It is not uncommon to see folks wearing shorts with their winter-white legs, wandering through patches of melting snow. Rain gear, sandals, and winter boots are packed in our cars, for lunchtime strolls. And Calgarians start complaining about potholes, while making their summertime Stampede plans. People are often simultaneously planning golf and ski trips. And outdoor festivals begin. The Lilac Festival kicks off festival season in Calgary, when our plentiful lilacs are in full bloom.

Calgary’s fickle weather might put a damper on some spring plans. But Calgarians tend to take the jest of Mother Nature in stride and embrace the hopefulness of spring in Calgary. However, this year, on Easter Sunday, Mother Nature played a chilly April fool’s joke on us and delivered a White Christmas, instead!