Why Publishing a Book is a Great Bucket List Item

June 3, 2018
My book: Finding Balance and Forgiveness Through Chakras and Art

Publishing a Book

I’m not sure why but publishing a book has always been high on my bucket list – not necessarily to become a best selling author, but to go through the process. I always knew I had a book in me. I’ve been enamoured by books my entire life and I love stories. Hearing the back story of anything gives me a thrill. Watching the Olympics is one of my favourite television experiences; however, I enjoy hearing the stories about the athletes and their challenges as much as watching the events.
I’ve always journaled but there was always this yearning to publish a book. Why? I really have no idea, but it’s obviously a popular desire. There are hundreds of “specialists” who claim to be able to help authors get published. Publishing and writing workshops are advertised frequently.
Although it may have been one of the more challenging things I’ve done in my life – only rivalled by having a child – it is an experience I would recommend to everyone. From start to finish, it took nine months to write and have my book published – another similarity to having a child: a nine month gestation period. Most of the authors I’ve gotten to know actually refer to “birthing” their book.
There is a significant period of introspection and learning. There is a review of your life; a review of your values; and a review of your place in the world. Publishing a book takes you out of your anonymous comfort zone and shines a public light on the things you think about, feel, and know. And that is not always comfortable – for you or for others.
But it is a fascinating and liberating way to truly get to know yourself; and what a cool thing to leave, when you’re gone. Most people write because they believe they have something to offer the world – whether it be a story, an escape, or something to better the lives of others. Most published authors are attempting to better the world, to entertain, and to share.
Often people expect published authors to be extroverted. However, this does not seem to be the case. Most authors I’ve met are quiet but have great messages. They genuinely want to share, in order to improve the lot of others. If for no other reason, publishing your book is an unselfish way to share and to possibly give back. I suggest publishing a book for everyone’s bucket list.