Crown Chakra card

Happy New Year…

…and let’s focus on the Crown Chakra I’m hoping everyone had a lovely holiday season, filled with love, connections, and relaxation. I sure did. I spent most of the time with family and friends and enjoyed some long days of … Continue reading “Happy New Year…”

Autumn...or is it early winter?

Autumn Days

… And Art Shows, Expos, and Snow!? I love fall (most of the time), even though I get a wee sense of dread, thinking about what follows the cool, crisp autumn season. This year in Calgary, we had a hot … Continue reading “Autumn Days”

Summer Fun

Ah… Summer!

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer… On the evening of the the first day of summer, I had the treat of a Summer Solstice yoga session that included half an hour of Nidra yoga. What a way … Continue reading “Ah… Summer!”

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona Has a Lot to Offer Sedona – it was never a bucket list item. What could Sedona have to offer? I’d never even really heard much about Sedona. Arizona never really appealed to me: too hot, too dry, … Continue reading “Sedona Arizona”

Spring Imagination

Spring is in the Air

Snow Melting. Blossoms Starting. Spring is in the Air. Hope The first sprigs of green in a grey, white, and brown landscape. The days are getting longer. There’s moisture in the air. Easter… other spring celebrations. Pastel colours. Light after … Continue reading “Spring is in the Air”

Magic is everywhere in Maui


The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual: Ho’oponopono The Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness is called Ho`oponopono. Until recently, I had never heard of Ho’oponopono. During various annual trips to Hawaii, I started to learn about Ho`oponopono. I had been exploring my spirituality, expanding … Continue reading “Ho’oponopono”