Spending Time in Nature

Spending Time in Nature

Spending Time in Nature The importance of spending time in nature cannot be over-stated. I have an innate desire to spend time outside; haven’t we all? Seeing a baby giggle as grass tickles her feet for the first time. Listening to the excitement of children racing outdoors for recess breaks at school. The joys of … Continue reading “Spending Time in Nature”

Crown Chakra card

Happy New Year…

…and let’s focus on the Crown Chakra I’m hoping everyone had a lovely holiday season, filled with love, connections, and relaxation. I sure did. I spent most of the time with family and friends and enjoyed some long days of relaxation and rejuvenation. Now it’s time to get back to a bit of structure and … Continue reading “Happy New Year…”

Autumn...or is it early winter?

Autumn Days

… And Art Shows, Expos, and Snow!? I love fall (most of the time), even though I get a wee sense of dread, thinking about what follows the cool, crisp autumn season. This year in Calgary, we had a hot beautiful summer and woke up to immediate winter, with a huge dump of snow, in … Continue reading “Autumn Days”

Summer Fun

Ah… Summer!

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer… On the evening of the the first day of summer, I had the treat of a Summer Solstice yoga session that included half an hour of Nidra yoga. What a way to bring in summer, with the late day sun streaming in through the gauzy drapes … Continue reading “Ah… Summer!”

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona Has a Lot to Offer Sedona – it was never a bucket list item. What could Sedona have to offer? I’d never even really heard much about Sedona. Arizona never really appealed to me: too hot, too dry, no ocean or lake. I love rain, oceans, moisture, trees, rivers, lakes, and green lush … Continue reading “Sedona Arizona”

Spring Imagination

Spring is in the Air

Snow Melting. Blossoms Starting. Spring is in the Air. Hope The first sprigs of green in a grey, white, and brown landscape. The days are getting longer. There’s moisture in the air. Easter… other spring celebrations. Pastel colours. Light after the cold, dark winter. Hope. The promise of new beginnings. Bunny rabbits. Calves. Birds returning. … Continue reading “Spring is in the Air”

Magic is everywhere in Maui


The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual: Ho’oponopono The Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness is called Ho`oponopono. Until recently, I had never heard of Ho’oponopono. During various annual trips to Hawaii, I started to learn about Ho`oponopono. I had been exploring my spirituality, expanding my creativity, and training to be a chakra therapist. The beautiful “Islands of Aloha” charmed … Continue reading “Ho’oponopono”